Adelia Cocinera (Adelia Cook)

our crowdfunding Project

Let's start by telling you who we are and why we are here! We are the design team of WG Produto, the publisher of the Adelia collection. Our publishing house is small and our resources are very limited. We are competing with major national and international publishers. We know this because we have won some prizes here in Brazil and received invitations to books fairs outside Brazil, such as the FIL Guadalajara (México) in 2014 and 2016, the largest Spanish-language book fair in the world (Argentina), and in MICSUL - Cultural Industries Market of South cooperation in 2014 and 2016 (Colombia). In these events, we had the great happiness to realize once again that there are still no similar books in the world, but we also had a big problem: buyers wanted books in Spanish, of course! We are the only country in Latin America to speak Portuguese!

That's why we came here to invite you to participate in our campaign contributing to the first edition of the Adelia collection, ADÉLIA COZINHEIRA (Adelia Cook), in Spanish, and to the dissemination of our genuinely inclusive and Brazilian design.


Adelia - in Spanish

Our publisher has made a lean budget and now needs R$ 63.815,00 (US$ 19.397,00)

Remember that the printing technology used is Brazilian and invented by the author and graphic designer Wanda Gomes, have not yet developed the printing system even in China!

The Spanish edition means not only taking our literature and our technology to the world. The disclosure will bring us the opportunity for new releases here, always added to the value of inclusion, showing to global major publishers that there is a niche of the public practically unexplored (parents and kids visually impaired) and goes beyond family, the book can be used in educational and cultural facilities like schools, cultural centers and specific institutions, organizations related to “visually impaired education”.


How will we use the amount collected

The most important thing at this moment is to make the book Adelia Cook reach other Latin American countries and the Hispanic market in the US, we believe that we will be working in two ways: making accessibility and encouraging reading and, at the same time, taking our expertise in assistive technology to others countries.

The amount collected will pay for the translation services into Spanish and transcription thereof into Braille, text layout in ink and braille and printing of 500 copies.


And if we exceed the goal?

 The surplus will go to research related to inclusive projects and materials in the area of ultural production.

We will be disseminating all activities and progress achieved through the financial support received. Even if you have not supported us, please share the campaign, sign up and follow in our footsteps!

Above all, we want you to be part of this inclusive innovation!


Following benefits of the inclusive book Adelia Cocinera:

The main character is Adelia, a girl who is about 7 years old and blind.

Our proposal has the following benefits:

  1. Access to culture is an invaluable element in the development of the child and his / her relationship with the world.
  2. Opportunities for interaction with others and with the environment are the most effective way for child development.
  3. The two items mentioned above are equally important and a right in child development regardless of special needs related to any type of disability. (Legislation / Brazilian Inclusion Law)
  4. The “dream theme” that surrounds the creative and imaginative universe of the child is the most important element in the bibliography of the greatest educators and scholars of child development. Proper stimulation of the child's creativity and imagination ensures, by unlocking the paths to learning, intellectual and emotional development.
  5. The truly inclusive cultural product is one that provides similar results in its use for both the sighted child and the blind child.

Braille.BR® Differential

A proprietary and innovative Braille printing technology was developed by Graphic Designer Wanda Gomes, this printing technology is in patent process and only available in Brazil.

This printing technology allows a unique development of textures and scents in the book captivating children's imagination. This is because it aims to reach a wider public with and without visual impairment.

For this, various techniques and printing processes are used for textures and reliefs in the illustrations, in addition to normal writing and Braille.BR®, enriching the books through three aspects of human perception: visual, tactile and olfactory.


    Main benefits of the Braille.BR® technology

    1. Full transparency preserves the quality of the offset printing of the text or image. It does not exclude the person with low vision or normal vision.
    2. The Braille.BR® accurately produces both the diameter and height of the relief of the braille cell points. It complies with international standards of Braille writing.
    3. Immeasurable durability of the book - the points do not yield to the reading (finger pressure) as in the conventional printing system.

    The crowdfunding rewards